Sunday Service: 10:00am

Meet Our Staff

  • Sandor and Amanda Paull


    -Lead Pastor

    -Wednesday Discipleship Community

    Sándor Paull (pronounced “Shawn-door”) is the lead pastor and responsible for teaching, long-term vision and planning for Christland and future church plants. He also oversees the other pastors on staff and is responsible for leadership development. He has two bachelor degrees from Southern Illinois University, one in Ceramic Art and another in Industrial Design. He and his wife Amanda have two children, Faith and Jonathan.

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  • Cody and Laurian Dicks


    -Staff Pastor

    -Thursday Discipleship Community

    Cody oversees our Sunday teams and is also responsible for administrative duties at the church. Cody has a Bachelor Degree in Zoology from Southern Illinois University and a Master's Degree in Natural Science from Southeast Missouri State University. He is an avid outdoorsman and goes hunting when he gets the chance. He and his wife Laurian have a daughter, Magnolia.

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  • Jackson MacLachlan


    -Staff Pastor

    -Worship Leader

    -Tuesday Discipleship Community

    Jackson MacLachlan graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2016 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He currently oversees worship, leads a small group, and focuses on reaching college students. Originally from Springfield, MO, Jackson is a country music fan who enjoys the great outdoors.

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  • Winston and Kristin Bryant


    -Youth Leader

    Winston is a non-staff overseer and serves on the board, which includes responsibilities for long term vision and planning, decision-making, leading people, and staff accountability.

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    -Gospel Choir Leader

    Kristin has been a part of the network since 2010. She grew up singing in gospel choirs, classical choirs, and participating in varied musical groups. Kristin has enjoyed vocal coaching since her high school days. She has a BA in English-Writing from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Masters in Public Administration from SIU. She’s worked as a 510 (c) 6 administrator and as a local government employee. She and her husband Winston are foodies who enjoy traveling, watching movies, and basketball.

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  • Brianna Nordstrom


    -Kids Program Director

    Brianna Nordstrom oversees the kids’ program. In 2016 she bought her first house and renovated it with the help of friends and family. She graduated with an English Education degree from Southern Illinois University in 2013. She reads C.S. Lewis books and listens to Ellie Holcomb’s albums. Though she’s moving from Illinois, she was raised in the South, hailing from Memphis, TN.

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  • Timothy and Margaret Pappoe


    -Prayer Team Leader

    Tim and Margaret have been a wonderful part of our family since 2006. They both grew up in Ghana, W. Africa. Tim oversees our prayer team. In his spare time, Tim enjoys swimming and challenging himself with DIY projects.

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    -Hospitality Team

    Margaret oversees our hospitality team. She is an avid reader and will share a good blend of tea with anyone. Tim and Margaret have 3 kids, Michelle, Tim Jr., and Sameritta.

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  • Michael and Crystal Berardi


    -Communications Specialist

    Mike Berardi’s education is in the field of electrical engineering. He has led in almost every area of the church. We affectionately refer to him as our Swiss army knife, with interests varying from brain elasticity, power-lifting, and IT. He is responsible for IT and serves on our board. He and his wife Crystal have two sons, Cyrus and Cayman.

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